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Bring your whole health in to focus.

Dr. Keen uses a variety of techniques and technologies to diagnose conditions, taking into account a range of physical and emotional dimensions when developing personalized patient treatment plans.

Exploring your past and present medical history as well as your social history gives insight into your life experiences, challenges and habits. Knowing your family's medical history helps to determine the likelihood of any medical predispositions.

Nutritional Assessment
A full dietary assessment helps to identify nutritional deficiencies and hidden food allergies. A zinc tally test is often used to determine common zinc deficiencies.

Physical Examinations
A complete head-to-toe physical examination, using conventional and non-conventional diagnostic methods, offers instant insight into your general health. Focused physical examinations and/or orthopedic testing helps to identify acute conditions.

Lifestyle Assessment
When performing a lifestyle assessment, the doctor will inquire about your exercise routines, stress, general wellbeing and sleep patterns to identify any areas of concern.

Lab Testing
Several lab-testing techniques are used to determine your personal health profile.

  • Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile
    Using a hair sample, a Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile measures essential elements and toxins in your hair – a valuable and inexpensive screening tool for physiological deficiency or excess, as well as for identifying mineral imbalances.

  • Salivary Hormone Profile
    Evaluating different hormone levels in the body helps to identify imbalances that may be causing symptoms. Hormone profiles include: complete female panel, estrogen metabolism ratio, complete male panel, adrenal function, thyroid testing and melatonin-cortisol index.

  • Neurotransmitter Profiles
    Neurotransmitter profiles assess the body's chemical messengers via urinary neurotransmitter and salivary hormone testing. A variety of profile kits are used to test brain chemistry and hormones for assessing imbalances. Neurotransmitter profiles help to determine underlying causes of sleep difficulties, anxiety, weight issues, attention issues, headaches, fatigue, stress, mood swings or disorders, depression and libido issues.

  • Nutrigenomix Testing
    The Nutrigenomix 45-Gene Test provides you with the latest that science has to offer in personalized nutritional counseling. Learn how your genes are affected by the foods you eat, and how your unique genetic makeup influences how you respond to different foods and nutrients. The genes that are tested influence weight management, nutrient metabolism, cardiovascular health, diabetes risk, eating habits, food intolerances (gluten and lactose), and even physical performance and injury risk. Learn More >

Electrodermal Screening
Using a state-of-the-art MORA-Super Instrument, electrodermal screening measures the electrical resistance in hundreds of acupuncture points. This painless, non-invasive energy evaluation can test for toxic or allergenic substances, food and environmental sensitivities, vitamin and mineral status, immune system strength and organ functionality in patients from newborns to the elderly. Dr. Keen is one of very few Calgary practitioners using this cutting-edge biophysical technology, which until recently was available only in Europe.
Note: electrodermal screening does NOT test for anaphylactic allergies

Reba Testing
Reba testing is a non-invasive, effective, safe therapy that evaluates psychosomatic energy levels. Using high-dilution, complex, homeopathic treatments, Rubimed treatments are formulated to address multiple symptoms on physical, mental and subconscious levels. Reba testing has no side effects and is suitable for all ages.

Genetic Testing

Optimize your nutrition with Nutrigenomix DNA screening using 45 genetic markers.

Learn More >