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New! Nutrigenomix Genetic Testing

Dr. Lisa is now offering Nutrigenomix genetic testing for patients interested in optimizing their nutritional health with a cutting-edge DNA screening test using 45 genetic markers.

Developed by world-renowned genetic researchers at the University of Toronto, Nutrigenomix uses DNA collected through a simple saliva test to help determine your optimal nutrition. You’ll receive a fully customized report based on your unique genetic profile, using state-of-the-art DNA genotyping and leading research.

Your customized 40+ page Nutrigenomix report is unique as you are and includes in-depth details, analysis and recommendations related to your personal genetic indicators, including:

  • Nutrient Metabolism
  • Food Intolerances
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fitness Performance
  • Body Composition & More

Choose from 3 Customized Nutrigenomix Reports:

Health & Wellness
Discover genetic factors affecting your total wellbeing, including energy levels, cardiovascular health, fitness, weight loss and more. This comprehensive general report is ideal for patients who want to optimize their nutrition and learn about factors influencing their overall wellness.

Sports Performance
Want to unleash your genetic potential, and boost physical and mental performance for maximum athletic results? The Nutrigenomix Sports Performance report focuses on exercise-specific indicators and is designed for elite athletes, amateur enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Fertility & Pre-Conception
Are you and your partner trying to conceive? Optimize your fertility potential with research-backed nutritional recommendations specifically geared toward pre-conception. Learn about your personal genetic profile and optimal diet recommendations in your journey toward parenthood.

Plus! You’ll receive one-on-one guidance from Dr. Lisa and a full range of additional testing options – far beyond the scope of dieticians or nutritionists.

Pricing & Options

Initial Assessment – 1 hour $225 (Required for New Patients Only)

  • Comprehensive health history, nutrition and activity history
  • Vitals: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Pulse Oximetry, Height/Weight
  • Zinc Assessment
  • Hydration Status

Nutrigenomix DNA Test – includes a comprehensive 40+ page report unique to your personal genetic profile $375

Review of Findings – 1.0 to 1.5 hours depending on tests performed $200 - $310

  • Review Nutrigenomix Results
  • Overall Health Assessment
  • pH Assessment
  • Review Any Additional Test Results
  • Treatment Protocol

Optional Additional Testing

  • Adrenal Function Panel $220
  • Female Hormone Panel + Cortisol Curve $385
  • Male Hormone Panel + Cortisol Curve $330
  • Food Sensitivity Panel
    • 120 Foods $275
    • 160 Foods $315
    • 200 Foods $379
  • Blood Testing $50 - $250
  • Healthy and Active Blood Test $200

Additional appointments are available in person or online for your convenience.

Eat according to your genes, and get started on your path to optimal nutritional wellness! Contact Dr. Lisa today to arrange your personal Nutrigenomix test.

Learn more about Nutrigenomix and view sample reports at Nutrigenomix.com

Did you know?

Many private health care plans cover naturopathic health care visits. Ask your insurance provider about your coverage.