Self-Care Appraisal

Self-Care Appraisal

Self-care is a key part of living a healthy life; one where the sources of meaning and a sense of purpose is present and we are fully connected to what brings value to our lives. Self-care behaviours are a fundamental aspect to help mental health professionals and other health care providers avoid compassion fatigue. 

Your personal brand of self-care will depend on what works best for you, what you enjoy, your energy levels, personality and what brings joy into your life. 

The true heart of self-care is about managing your energy wisely. 

Sometimes when you’re “in it”, it’s very difficult to maintain an objective approach to health and you’re  just “putting out fires” leaving you feeling like you’re not really gaining any ground. It can feel very hectic, overwhelming and can deplete your vitality over time.  

When you feel fully supported with proper sleep, nutrition, and external support from aligned health care providers, your life feels more manageable, balanced and positive. You feel empowered, able to tackle whatever life throws your way and feel like you’re in the “flow” of life. 

How it works

Crafting the best self-care support network and selecting the most supportive services can take time. A Self-Care Appraisal with Dr. Lisa will accelerate your results and cut out the “trial and error” approach, fast tracking your self-care goals. 

The Self-Care Appraisal helps you to discover: 
  • How your routine affects your mood and overall functioning
  • How to do a review of your current self-care methods 
  • How to identify what activities make it easier for you to function, improve your mood or reduce your stress-levels
  • How to build better habits to schedule time for your self-care so it becomes second nature 
Your Self-Care Appraisal includes: 
  • Access to Dr. Lisa’s in-depth self-care assessment tool 
  • 60 minute virtual/online consultation with Dr. Lisa
  • Access to Dr.Lisa’s professional network and fee-free referral service for those in YYC

“Dr. Lisa has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in the Calgary area for over 10 years and maintains a strong professional network with a vast variety of health care providers. She is passionate about linking health seekers with aligned health providers and other local businesses to obtain the ultimate health care self-care team.”